The Need for Automation, and The Available Alternatives

By now you are aware that Instagress, one of the easy-to-use website that allowed you to automate your Instagram engagement went under a long time ago. The use of Instagress made it easy for you to increase engagement and make your account more popular.

No one knows exactly why Instagress shut down, but one thing is for sure, many members who were using the service felt like they wouldn’t get any other alternative to the program, but they were wrong. The truth is that the collapse of Instagress didn’t kill the issue of paid followers. Automation is here to stay, and you can get great alternatives. There have been discussions on Reddit to this effect and you can go ahead and check them out to know what others say about this issue.

The Role of Marketing on Instagram

Marketing stays just that – trying to reach as many people as possible on whichever platform you engage your users on. You also wish to get all these members at a minimum cost so that you can maximize profits.

Marketing content on Instagram doesn’t just go viral because a lot of users are on it – it goes viral because of the networks that people have built over time. It is sort of a domino effect which can only succeed through proper automation.

Why Do You Need Automation?

If you are still doing everything manually, you will still engage with as many people as possible, consistently, frequently and across all the platforms. But remember however much you do this manually; you won’t grow your following to the heights you desire.

To imagine the level to which your Instagram account can experience high activity levels, you need to start thinking about thousands of comments and shares each day – something that will require you to sit online day and night to handle them. Even if you hire a social media specialist for this task, you still won’t be able to achieve that level of engagement.

Having an automated tool handle most of the actions for you. You also end up saving money in the process.

In Closing

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that you can use to reach and engage followers. You can use the engagement to sell your items or market your services. Using automation makes it easy for you to handle thousands of comments on your Instagram page. You won’t have to do everything manually and you end up saving money.