Proven Applications of Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Fiber laser technology is one of the most flexible means of marking or engraving serials on different materials.  Most businesses are using this technology to identify their products because the technique has the ability to deep engrave on a wide array of materials to create precise and readable markings. The way in which fiber lasers work means that they give you a high sense of control over your products in terms of flexibility, variety, and quality of output.

One advantage of fiber laser marking is that it can be used in multiple applications and industries, something that was missing in traditional marking systems. Today, we look at some of the common uses of fiber laser technology.

Creating Electronic Parts

Fiber laser marking is able to create very precise markings on objects. With modern technology, electronic parts are getting smaller and smaller by the day. Therefore, industries are using fiber laser systems to create marks on these small parts without damaging other parts of electronic devices.  Such marks can be serial numbers, date codes, part numbers, barcodes, and any other identifying marks.

Manufacturing Medical Devices

Medical devices need to be manufactured in a very rigorous process because lives depend on them. Fiber laser marking is often used to accomplish this because it is capable of withstanding high sterilization temperatures.  The technique allows a large amount of information to be engraved on a very small area and is easily used to label implants and other medical devices that are oddly shaped.

Engraving Jewelry

Precision is also key in the jewelry business, especially when one is keen to produce unique pieces. Fiber laser marking machines allow jewelers to engrave some unique patterns on both flat and round surfaces of some jewelry units.  This makes it easy for them to meet the needs of their clients as some may request for personalized engraving.


Fiber laser technology has contributed to scientific research in very many ways. It is commonly used in the scientific processes to increase efficiency and accuracy of research results. Some common applications of this kind include things such as spectroscopy which is used in electromagnetic radiation and in high energy laser mobile demonstrators used in the military space.

In Closing

The application of fiber laser marking is endless because any computer-based graphic or text can be easily engraved on almost any form of material. All you need is a fiber laser marking machine like the ones listed at, specialized software and the product to be marked.