Large Dog Crate Buying Guide

Buying any dog crate is as easy as pointing at one and paying for it, but it becomes more complicated when you need to buy an extra large crate for your ever growing dog. Large dog breeds will need a bigger crate right from the time you need to housebreak them to the time you need to travel to see the relatives or relocate to another neighborhood. Let us look at the various aspects to consider when choosing the right large dog crate.

The Size

You need a dog crate that is large enough to allow the fog ample space to move around without giving too much space. The dog ought to sit up straight without hitting their head on the roof of the crate. It should also be able to turn round easily and get to lie down on the side with the paws stretched out without becoming cramped.

The crate shouldn’t be too large otherwise it won’t give the dog the sense of security and safety that the animal will enjoy in the right kind of crate. Check out these Best Extra Large Dog Crates for Big Dogs (2018) – Selected Best to choose the best option for your needs.

The style and Type of Large Crate

You will come across different types and styles of crates that are available, with each variety having the advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to material, you can choose between the wire and plastic crates. Wire crates are the most common because they are easy to clean and allow great airflow and visibility. On the other hand, plastic crates are more portable compared to wire crates due to their lightweight. The plastic material offers more sheltering which keeps the crate warm in cold climates. The plastic material is also approved for airline travel as compared to wire crates.

Plastic crates are also ideal since they can be integrated with other materials such as wires, making them stylish and best to use.

Your Budget

You need to get the right kind of crate depending on your budget. You will find that some styles and materials cost more compared to others, therefore you need to have a price range depending on the amount of cash you can set aside. However, don’t compromise on quality just to save a few dollars.

In Closing

You need to be careful when choosing the right kind of extra large dog crate so that you make sure the dog is comfortable. Consider the size, the style of the crate and your budget.