How to Protect your Computer and Files from Ransomware

Imagine yourself walking into the office like any other ordinary day and start your computer like it’s always the norm. However, on this particular day, you are met with a pop-up message that you can only access your system or certain files on your hard disk after paying some ransom. Well, that is the new wave of cybercrime dreaded by both organizations and individuals alike, and it goes by the name, ransomware, a malicious malware that holds your files or the entire system for ransom. As a result of the increased cases and the rising popularity of ransomware as a means of extortion, it is important for businesses and for you as an individual to protect your files and computers from ransomware. Discussed below are some of the measures you can put in place to safeguard your files.

Backup your data

See to it that your data is backed up regularly each day either remotely or on an unmapped drive that remains disconnected when not in use. With a backup, the ransomware authors will have nothing against you and you won’t need to pay a penny.

Be vigilant

Emails account for the most ransomware infections. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout and also be extra careful when clicking on suspicious or direct links from emails. Additionally, do not rush to open files that require you to download and run them on your computer. Immediately you run such a file, your hard disk or part of it becomes encrypted such that you can’t access it unless you pay a ransom. This also applies to attachments, especially zipped file attachments.

Install and Update your anti-malware software

It is in your best interest if your computer can detect any threats and call for action before they infect your machine. However, with some malware being introduced in new variants, detection can be difficult if you don’t have a reputable security suite. As such, it is advisable to have in place a software firewall as well as proven anti-malware software to help detect any suspicious behavior. There are numerous cyber-security service providers you can consult such as AmazingSupport who are always ready to help you protect your data.

Update your Operating System

In most cases, ransomware users take advantage of people running outmoded software and operating systems that have known weaknesses.  Thus, it is wise to update your operating system and software every time a new update is available, especially when it’s a security update. New updates are important because they do not only add extra features but also provide additional security. You can look for the updates and install them manually or enable automatic updates.