Guide For Car Tuning: For Beginners And Experts

Tuning a car is a science and it is a complicated one! You must make all the parameters in correct proportions, or you will compromise the handling of a car. For example, just adding a lot of power to a car, won’t do any good, simply because the tires, brakes, transmission, suspension and even chassis are not designed for additional power. Simply said, you must tune a car in a specific order. This order is here.

Suspension and brakes

Usually, the first two things (related ones) you should upgrade are suspension and brakes. A sporty suspension will allow you to get into corners much faster and make a car more stable, especially for higher speeds. Brakes will help you stop better, obviously. Better brakes will also help you get into a corner faster because you can brake later. Even without additional power, but with these two upgrades, your car would be better.


Now the time has come to add more power. Tuning the engine should start with the ECU remapping. You will get up to 100HP more. This is a safe and affordable procedure that will guarantee you better performances. Contact Focus Motorsports to get high-end chips, needed for this procedure.


Upgrading the gear ratios will generate better acceleration and a higher top speed. Ordinary transmissions are designed for asmooth ride, but race gearboxes would shift gears much faster, so the entire car would be quicker. Yes, you will lose a bit of comfort, but you will get a much faster car. For the best performances, tune or replace a gearbox at the same time, and pair it with an engine tuning.

Tires and wheels

The only element that is used to transfer all the power of a car on thetarmac is a tire! That’s why bigger and better tires are much better than stock ones. Add bigger wheels to get the most from the additional power. Make sure you install advanced tires on the rear wheels (if your car has a rear wheel drive).


Race bumpers and huge spoiler don’t have any effect on an ordinary car. Now, after you have completed the main point of a tuning process, spoilers will increase down force and bumpers will cut through theair much better. You can speed up a car up to 3 seconds per lap, just with these improvements!