Five Things to Consider When Buying Yogurt

While many people continue to pick their yogurt from the grocer’s shelves, making yogurt in your own kitchen comes with several benefits. In addition to saving costs, you will have the opportunity to play around with the ingredients according to your taste and preference. Here are five key things you should consider when making yogurt.

Choose whole milk, non-fat, or low fat

You can make yogurt in three different categories namely low fat, non-fat, or whole milk. The ultimate product depends on your choice. If you already prefer a particular type of yogurt, stick to it and simply alter the ingredients to meet your taste. For example, you can lower the level of sugar to match a healthy taste or even add honey instead. When you pick from the shelf, you will have to stick to the ingredients that are already in the product.

Choose a healthy sweetener

Most light yogurts have artificial sweeteners. Others contain calories derived from sugar. Sugar is not healthy when taken in excessive amounts, especially if you are already struggling with weight. It is advisable to choose healthy sweeteners that may not have any negative consequences on your health.

Include probiotics and active cultures

When you pick from the shelf, you should ensure that your yogurt contains live cultures. This is often displayed on the package. If you make your yogurt at home, ensure that you include the active cultures and probiotics, which are a group of useful bacteria. Making your own yogurt is a simple exercise when you have your own machine. You can find relevant reviews on yogurt makers from reliable websites like If you plan to buy the machine, you can check out the site and make a relevant decision.

Combine yogurt with flaxseed

When eating yogurt, you can throw in a bit of other ingredients. For example, one tablespoon of ground flaxseed could improve the quality of your yogurt by adding fiber and plant-based omega-3s.

Ensure it has vitamin D

Did you know that consuming calcium-rich yogurt could also improve your vitamin D intake? If you buy from the shop, you should check the label to ensure that it has some percentage of the Daily Value for vitamin D. Some brands of yogurt have up to 20% of the value while others have none. Meanwhile, it is also advisable to make yogurt part of your snack. For example, you can pair high-protein yogurt with a breakfast cereal that is rich in fiber. Low-sugar breakfast cereals often work best with yogurt to give you a perfect snack.

As you plan to improve the quality of yogurt you consume, you can do yourself a big favor by buying the right yogurt maker to ensure that you make the product right in your kitchen.