Expert Tips to Become an Instagram Influencer

Expert Tips to Become an Instagram Influencer

It feels good to be an Instagram influencer. Look around; every established brand is jostling for a large presence on the platform. And it is easy to see why this is the case. Information available in the public domain shows that some of the most successful Instagram influencers have crafted multi-million business outfits, based primarily on their social clout.  What follows are proven strategies to find your path to becoming an Instagram influencer.

Outsource Some of Your Activity

Listen, becoming an Instagram influencer is no joke. You need to have as much time as you can to figure out what you need to do where and when. Even then, some tasks such as liking, commenting and following have to go on consistently. It is for this reason that you need to embrace the idea of outsourcing these activities through Instagram bots and automation tools.  In fact, Jonathon Spire blogs about this topic, and even gives suggestions of the best Instagram bots and tools to use.

Solve Problems with Your Content

So, here’s how it works on Instagram – if it of no use, people won’t engage. So, before you post anything on Instagram makes sure that it is helpful and that it creates a certain level of emotions. The thing is, your potential followers are trying to get tips from the other accounts they’re following so you should try to create posts that capture a lifestyle and not necessarily a product. If you sell outdoor gear, for instance, strive to capture intimate shots of people biking, hiking or on tour.

Take Advantage of Trends and Virality

There is no way you are going to become an Instagram influencer if you are out of tune with the latest trends. So, keep up with the latest news at leverage the attention they’re attracting. Check the trending hashtags using the Instagram search function, both within and outside your industry. Note all the posts are getting a lot of attention and sparking controversy. Leverage that on your posts.

The Bottom Line

Be prepared to go the extra mile if you want to be an Instagram influencer. Plus, unless you are a celebrity with a massive following, you have to remain consistent to get there. Make sure that you post at least once every day. Also, set a day or two aside every week to plant and create content. In other words, ensure that every move you make is well calculated.