Can Pasta Make you Gain Weight

Can Pasta Make you Gain Weight?

No, it can’t. In fact, research done by Toronto based scientists suggests that pasta may not be that bad after all. And, because we all want to look beautiful, you can add it to your diet without having to worry about weight gain. Pasta;

Supplies Your Body with Proteins

Carbohydrates can make you gain weight, but if you choose the type and source of your carbohydrates carefully, you may end up shedding off some pounds. According to the National Pasta Association, Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly allowing you to eat less in the long run. The carbs also supply your body with glucose, a crucial source of energy for your brain and muscles.

Is Rich With an Assortment of Nutrients

Diets missing some of the most vital nutrients can cause health problems such as lack of sleep, weight gain, and fatigue. Some good brands of pasta such as Zucchini Noodles, Soba Buckwheat Noodles, and Ancient Grain Pasta boast a wealth of crucial vitamins and minerals. Thus, adding them to your diet can help increase your intake of nutrients.

Folic acid, one of the most common additions in pasta is believed to prevent congenital disabilities and promote a healthy heart. Iron, another valuable addition to pasta reduces fatigue and improves oxygen circulation in the blood.

Has a High Fiber Content

While most brands of pasta contain fiber, whole wheat varieties such Dreamfields and Ronzoni Smart Taste as are packed with more of this essential nutrient. Fiber helps regulate the movement of bowels and improves the health of the heart and blood vessels.

The National Pasta says that one cup of whole wheat pasta can supply your body with up 25% of the required daily fiber intake.

Contains No Cholesterol and is Low in Sodium

Cholesterol and Sodium are known to cause heart problems and other conditions. Naturally, pasta has no cholesterol and is very low in sodium. It is needless to say, therefore, that by replacing foods containing high cholesterol and sodium levels with pasta can keep the heart disease and a host of ailments at bay. Whenever possible avoid adding pasta to pasta to make it even healthier.

The Bottom Line

See? As it turns out, you shouldn’t be scared of making pasta part of your diet. Still, it is essential to mention that you should take it in moderation. Like any other food, overeating pasta can cause weight gain.