Best way to use manual can opener

Preservation of foods in tin cans began around the 16th century in Netherland, however, the first tin opener was patented over a century later. These first set of CanCutters were very close to knives in design.

Many types of can cutters were invented over the centuries until  1925 when can opener with, two wheels were invented and the design is the model that is popular till today. The fact that can cutter or opener are available every does not mean that people know the right way to use this simple machine.

Is, therefore, not a bad idea to consider how best to use a manual can cutter in a world where everything is becoming digital.

Best use of manual can opener   

The popularity of high-tech kitchen devices is making manual can cutter to be old fashioned, however, it is not very bad to master it use, because you never can tell when its importance will be needed. Therefore, the following steps will help to get familiar with manual can opener once again.

Recognize the cutting device

Usually, the cutter mechanism in the can cutter is a sharp tip that is designed to puncture the tin lid. Mostly it comes as a curved and time as a hooked end and is mostly conspicuous once you see a can opener.

Get a flat position for the can or tin

Holding the can in the air or on a breakable surface will not work. A solid based will provide support that the can needs to rest on when is under a force pressing it down and will give an edge when piercing the lid.

Open the arms of the opener

Opening arms of the can opener will help to fit the opener in the correct position on the tin and provide a good base to start the process of opening the can.

Place the can cutter on  top of the can

Ensure that the puncturing side is placed on the lip of the can. This arrangement will make the two cutting wheels to be aligned properly before commencing the actual cutting exercise. But you must make sure that the rotating handle is facing outwards so that you will be able to turn it and make it glide along the can lip as it cuts through.

Manual can cutter may not be that famous again because of high-tech kitchen devices that are now ruling the market but is too early to conclude that manual can cutters are no longer relevant in today’s world.

Opening cans in old fashioned way will continue to be around for the foreseeable future, so try all you can to practice the using manual can opener, it may be an experience that will be useful someday