All You Want To Know About Using Drill And Driver

A drill is one common thing to break. Every DIY type of guy must have experienced the pain of back to the store to buy new drills due to breakdowns. The drill bit is the most important part of the drilling tools. With thousands of them to choose from, there are certain things which you should look out for. We also discuss some common mistakes done by people, which lead to the breakdown of drills.

What does the design of the bit signify?

Spiral shape: Using a bit with more twists and turns would churn out more material and make a bigger hole. When required to drill big holes use the one that has more spirals than other drills. Low spiral bits are generally used for high-speed operations.

Length: Obviously, the length of the drill bit would determine how deep it can penetrate the surface of the workpiece. The longer the bit, the deeper will be the hole.

Point Angle: The angle made by the tip with the drills normal is called as the point angle. Harder surface requires tips with higher bit angles. The higher the angle, the higher the ability of the drill bit to exert pressure at a point. This makes them make a hole even on the hard surfaces.

Mistakes committed while using drills:

  • Wrong combination of feed and speed: Feed is the strength of feeding the bit into the workpiece. Speed is the speed of rotation of the bit. Wrong choice of feed speed combinations can chip off the bit and lead to its breakdown.

High-speed bits are used for higher feed works and vice versa. Lower speed gives better control and accuracy. It should be used generally to drive in screws and bolts. Higher speed gives much more cutting but at comparatively less accuracy. Use higher speeds when drilling a hole.

  • Strength of the bit: Using a low strength bit to drill upon hard materials will lead to ruptures in the bit and its eventual breakdown. Make sure that you use appropriate bits for respective work surfaces.

To save money, we generally use bits till they are absolutely dead. The money you save will eventually go into the repair works of the motor. It goes heavy on the motor to take out the same amount of work from a blunt bit. We here at Drill Bit Best make sure that you go home with the right tools.