A Must Read Guide on Choice Between Cordless Impact Driver And Drill

The cordless drill is one such tool, which nearly every professional and homeowner has. Nowadays a mew tool, cordless impact driver has come up on the same lines and people are bit confused as on which they should go with. This guide will assist you with the same. For more information, you can visit Drills and Drivers.

Points For Choosing Between Cordless Impact Drill And Driver

  • Torque

Torque is force applied to rotate things. No doubt, a drill is overpowered with this new technology in any contest involving torque, meaning that you can drive longer, bigger screws having smaller tools. In other case, you can easily drill bigger holes.

Moreover, you can comfortably drive a lag bolt or 6-inch screw with 10.6 volt tool. So if you are confused between cordless impact drills and drivers, make a note of the torque.

  • Power VS Size

Cordless drill is available in large, medium and very small size. Smaller the tool, lesser the power, this fact is pretty much accepted and understood. Though impact drivers are small, but power produced by them is more than what is produced by drills having equivalent power rating. While deciding about drills and drivers, this point is quite useful.

  • Ease in Use

Under normal circumstances, while driving screws with the use of an impact cordless drill, you will always be required to get your weight behind for keeping the screw movement in correct direction. If case if this doesn’t happen, you will end up stripping out the screw.

On the other hand, you can make use of impact driver with single hand in tight places in which case getting your weight behind is not feasible.

Yet another benefit is simple chuck release which can be handled with your one hand rather than contorting chuck to the right close or open position for securing the screw driver or the drill.

  • Hex Shafts

This is the category where cordless drill wins. You can make use of various standard bits with drill though with the challenger; use hex shaft bits drill and drivers only.

  • Noise

This is another place category where cordless drill wins. Noise is something which you are required to live with in case you decide to try new tools. In this case, ear muffs are recommended.


Whether you go for driver or drill, these points need to be kept in mind. Moreover, you should check from more than one supplier so that you get the best possible product at reasonable price.