6 Ways To Bring Back Your Youthful Appearance

It’s always good to embrace yourself just the way you are, but sometimes you might feel you need a boost of confidence that can be obtained by looking younger once again.

Consider the following tips to help you bring back your youthful beauty so that you can feel great both inside and out. You’ll be receiving compliments in no time!


    • Apply sunscreen everyday. The SPF does more than just protect you from a sunburn and from skin cancer, but it also plays a major role in preventing your skin from aging.


    • Introduce more oily fish into your diet. These essential fatty acids stop your skin from getting too dry by keeping the cell membranes in good health. To take advantage of the ‘Elixir of Youth’, eat salmon, mackerel, or fresh tuna a few times weekly, or alternatively, take some Omega-3 capsules on a regular basis.


    • While you are paying attention to your diet, also be sure to keep artificial and processed sugars to a limit, if not cutting it out completely. Sugar causes your body to undergo a process called glycation, which is responsible for accelerating the aging of your skin. When cut from your diet, you will not only notice your skin look brighter and clearer but you will also find any cravings for sugar beginning to diminish.


    • Wear makeup that will flatter your face and take off the years. Tinted moisturizer can help you achieve optimum hydration and a soft glow. Add on some blush and top off your look with your favourite shade of lipstick (but ensure you pick the brand that will suit you best, as the huge variety of them means that sometimes they are hard to distinguish).


    • Glamour yourself up even further by painting your nails. Studies have shown that your hands are a big indicator of your real age, so turn back the time by getting a manicure and throwing on your favourite jewellery.


  • Adopting and sticking to healthy lifestyle habits in the long-run is a sure way to not only look younger but to feel and even live longer. Follow a strict exercise regime and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It goes without saying that if you feel youthful and act youthful, your appearance will inevitably come across as youthful as well, so use this as a motivation to stick to these habits!