5 Ways To Find Local Tiny Home Community

Living in a tiny home can be your dream. But to “normal” people, you will be eccentric. So, as a tiny home dweller, it must be lonely at times.

Or you may be just joining the tiny home movement. And yYou need first-hand information to many questions you have in mind:

  • What are the zoning regulations in your location?
  • What are the best Locations To Park Your Tiny Home In Your Area?
  • What will be the best option- Tiny houses with foundations or wheels?
  • Who are the Best Tiny Home Builders in your locality?
  • Are there Tiny Homes Community Near You Where You Can Stay In Lease? etc

It is important for you to connect with people who are already living in a tiny home near you.

However, It isn’t so easy. Tiny Home Owner’s Community, although gaining rapidly, is still a small community.  It’s not common to find a tiny home dweller.

But you need not worry. In this article, I will be discussing five ways how you can connect with other tiny house dwellers.

1. Begin With A Simple Search Online

Yes, start your research with a simple Google search.  Type in your search query as:

Tiny House+ “Your Area” + Community

If your nearby location doesn’t have an active community, widen your search to a nearby suburb.

My Search For Oregon City Tiny Homes Community connected me with a wonderful community – Hope Valley Resorts.

There are many online sites like tinyhousecommunity.com, tinyhousemap.com  which allows making groups and to connect with other members. Within these sites and forums, there is a good chance that you will discover a tiny home dweller living near your area.

Facebook group can also be a good way to begin networking. A simple search in Facebook gives a lot of Tiny Home dwellers groups. Hanging in there and communicating with others in the groups, once can get connected to many others from the community as well as make friends.

2. Attend Meetup.com Events

MeetUp.com is a site which helps connect with like-minded individuals in an area. Chances are, you can find out a MeetUp Group of Tiny Home Enthusiasts from your area.

If there isn’t, just form your meetup group. Other people will soon join the group. You can then arrange a get-together in your area.

3. Attend Tiny House Conference

There are Tiny House Conferences throughout the year in different cities.  Attending these conferences would be a good way to start networking with community members and also find good friends.

You can subscribe to the information about these events from online websites.

4. By Reading Blogs & Commenting

There are many good blogs by tiny home dwellers. One can connect with the bloggers by reading those blogs and commenting on them. In many cases, the bloggers will have their social media accounts in their blogging website. Connect with them and just start a conversation. You will not only learn knowledge from them but make life long friendships.



  1. Post On Craigslist

    This is simple. Post an ad seeking tiny home dweller in your local craigslist site and see if you get any responses. If you are lucky, you can get response from someone living in your area.