3 Ways to Make Money

Whether you’re looking to make a complete career change, or something to do for extra income, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to making money. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Open a Burger Stand.

Regardless of the economy, everyone still enjoys their burgers. Everyone has to have food. And whether customers eat on the go or stop by to take something home, burgers are always a good way to feed people and make a good living.

Finding a small burger stand is a lot cheaper and easier than trying to open a restaurant. There are food trucks popping up all over. You’ll need the proper licensing and training on to handle and prepare meat, but once this is out of the way, you’re on your way to earning. Providing fresh beef that you grind will give you an edge on your competitors who use frozen patties. But to do this, you need good equipment, like a top meat grinder. There are a wide range of options to consider, so browse a lot online before you choose the grinder that is right for your business.

2. Get In On The ACT. 

ACT and SAT scores can mean the difference between a good job and a great career, so students and parents of students are open to improving these scores in order to get an edge in the academic community. Take advantage of this desire by offering a class on test-taking strategies that are designed to improve these scores.  With your help, test scores could improve by 20%. The test-taking tactics usually found in professional test-taking guides include sharpening memorization, new study skills, and the art and science of test-taking.

You could set your fees at $200 per class, and if 200 students show up, you’d make $40,000. That’s a year’s salary for some people. It should be easy for you to find eager students, or parents of students in each school district. And if your strategies help kids make a 30 rather than a 25 on their college exams, word will spread and you could potentially have a fulltime career.

As an added bonus to yourself: Put your test-taking tips together for a DVD that you produce yourself, and have these on sale at the end of each course. You should be able to make $20 per copy. If 100 of your 200 students buy your DVD…quick, get a calculator.

3. Be Constructive. 

Making extra money sometimes means being creative or thinking outside of the box. Take road construction for example. When heavy equipment comes in and chops a path through whatever is in their way, trees–sometimes lots of trees–are left behind. If no one comes to claim these trees, and if you have access to a heavy truck, why not pick up the trees and cart them to a sawmill, where they can bring a price of $500 to $1500 per tree depending on the kind it is; pine, oak, walnut, cedar, whatever.

You would need to cut them into sections with a chainsaw of course, about 10 feet, but they could bring you some serious money. It would be better than the contractors simply burning up the valuable trees, which is typically what happens if nobody takes them.